The Reality of Freelancing

Article Credit: Forbes Getting Started Can be Tough When you begin a career as a freelancer, understand that you will face money constraints. Clients are not just going to tear down your door. You will probably have to sign on with several sites that offer gigs you

Finding Work as a Freelancer

The most challenging part of becoming a freelancer, at least at the beginning is finding work and paying your bills. In the beginning, you probably won’t know how to find clients. A great place to start is through research and asking businesses what they look for in freelancers. Seek advice


A Day in the Life of a Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelancing is a creative path that is at the same time envied and avoided to due the challenges faced that are unheard of in traditional employment. It is no easy task to pull of successfully, especially if your relying on it as a primary source of income. Before deciding to

The Best City for Freelancers

The lifestyle of a freelancer has many perks, more flexibility, working from home and the potential to make more money. So, which UK city makes the best home for freelancers? Manchester is the best city in the UK for freelancers, research by MoneySupermarket.com has found. Over 1.4 million Brits are

Freelancing: Best and Worst

While the choice to go freelance comes with the freedom most of us desire, you will face the headaches unseen in traditional employment. Here are the biggest perks and the most frustrating peeves a freelance has to go through. It is best to know what you’re getting into before you

Six-Figure Freelancers Bestow Advice

  Every creative person wants to be their own boss. But it takes a lot of work, dedication, strong set of skills and willingness to learn and accept criticism.

Starting a Freelance Business

Many want to forego the traditional work lifestyle and start a freelancing business that allows the more flexibility, a lifestyle they love and enjoy. Hiring freelancers is becoming more and more


7 Potential Reasons You Aren’t Getting Work

Getting a successful freelance career off the ground can be challenging, especially when you consider a freelancer really has two jobs. The first is to be absolutely great at what you do. The second, much more painful job, is to consistently find and secure work. Whether you’re freelancing full time
Benefits of freelancing

The Pros of Being a Freelancer!

Article Source: Article Piece written by Danielle Corcione https://bit.ly/2LgoD7J Freelancing is certainly an acquired taste. It’s not for everyone. It can be a full-time side hustle, where you can spend your entire day marketing on social media, following up with potential client prospects, answering emails, and updating your accounting records without


6 Freelancing Lessons

6 Very Important Lessons Freelancing Taught Me

Article Source: Opinion piece written by Abdullahi Muhammed    The first thing I learned about freelancing is that no amount of preparation is sufficient. It is a trial by fire, and sometimes it feels as if you wake up in a new world every single day. That said, now that