We are able to target ANY country!
We are an agency on Facebook (The Right Choice Group) Social Media Specialist – Marketing Consulting – Marketing Strategist & Expert with facebook advertising

If you want to get real likes in a legitimate legal way , this is the place!

So what is our strategy and what we can do:

We will Run a PAID Facebook Ad Campaign to Grow your Facebook page with global audience according to our current gig .
After you place the order , our facebook account agency *The Right Choice Group" will send you a request to be ONLY an advertisers on your page 

We can increase campaign length , and deliver hundred thousands of likes .
As for Targeting one or more country, please send us a message .
Examples of the cost per like  : 
USA        0.30 cent
Brazil      0.09 cent
France    0.20 cent
Romania 0.07 cent

We do the hardest part , we get you the real interested audience , and the show on you 🙂